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Who do we work with

We love to work with anyone who loves wood and design including general contractors, interior designers, and directly with home owners. Your level of knowlege doesn't matter , that's what we're here for. You can send  plans, inspo pics, or even bad drawings on a napkin. We've seen it all.


What is the process

It always starts with an inquiry. We work closely with clients to come up with original designs or work out technical design for existing ideas. All details are worked out with sketches and samples. Once a design is approved and deposit paid the build begins.


What types of projects

At our core Surfridge is a woodshop. From homes to restaurants, tables to kitchens, you can explore the gallaries to see a selection of our work. Many times we are the shop people find because what the client wants is beyond the capabilities and quality of standard builders or what retail can offer. 

Check out our FAQ for more info
If you're ready to start let's talk

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