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Named after the LA ghost neighborhood tucked between LAX and the ocean, our journey began in 2013 when Seth Bergstrom created Surfridge Design as an Etsy store. At its inception, our shop offered small, handcrafted furniture and lamps—a means to share a deep passion for design and woodworking.


By 2016 we found ourselves collaborating with more local home owners and interior designers, translating their concepts and custom requests into tangible, artful creations.  Our true fulfillment came from working closely with clients, understanding their spaces, and engaging in face-to-face interactions. 2017 marked a turning point when the opportunity to design and craft kitchen cabinets, along with other millwork, for a Joshua Tree residence presented itself.


Coming from a background in woodworking, Seth took a unique approach to cabinetry. For him, it wasn't about adhering to the standard norms. Instead, we crafted a kitchen tailored to the space, harmonizing with the home's unique character. This experience sparked a love for more involved projects and working closely with clients to create spaces that truly felt special.


From that moment on, our journey has been a balance of crafting bespoke furniture and custom cabinetry. Both endeavors follow the collaborative process that brings to life spaces that are as distinctive as the individuals who inhabit them.

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